By pouring ceramic slip into molds of objects found in the domestic environment,  I unify them into clay and thus deprive them of their original material properties and function. The new object conveys the shape of the original one with its complexity and details, the memory of its use as well as its cultural contexts. These cast objects are the building blocks in most of my work. I combine them with pertinent two- dimensional images which I process and transfer to ceramics using various  printing techniques. My works are not functional and the fact that they are made of objects which are no longer usable, emphasizes the question of their association to the arts and craft field as opposed to their association with Art.
My artistic language is based on the deconstruction of formal conventions, images, icons and symbols from the history of art and ceramics, and their reassembling in contemporary contexts relating to social and gender issues. Under the title of The “Art Wife Project” I create works which examine various aspects of social conventions, especially in the field of gender, and deal with the constant tension some women artists have while balancing between their art with the care of home and family.
Clay with its earthiness and accessibility is often perceived as the artistic default of the housewife. Using it enables me to examine the overlaps and friction between the domestic and the artistic space as well as to create a dialogue between various social perceptions and attitudes.



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