Efrat Eyal Ceramic Sculpture | Untitled - Efrat Eyal Ceramic Sculpture


  • 16 Jul

  • EfratEy

This work was part of the “Digging Digging” exhibition at Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv.

“The Digging Digging project presents artistic positions that deal with transformations and deformations of landscapes and urban changes due to extraction and utilization of resources.

The extraction of raw materials and the economic and environmental results that effect social conditions and dominate entire regions are simultaneously a global issue.

The project is realized in collaboration with the BENYAMINI CONTEMPORARY CERAMICS CENTER in Tel Aviv. The Benyamini Center has been running for 7 years in Tel Aviv with a comprehensive exhibition, education and residency program of an “enhanced ceramics concept” that places art and design in relation to social and political context.”

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