Surrender Effort

Previous Next At first, the new body of work presented by Efrat Eyal looks like flattened bodies reminiscent of animal skins, hunting and victims. As if a clear expression of targets – hunter and skinned. But a closer look exposes a more complex world that cannot be verbalized expressing intuitive, associative, and eclectic thinking and […]


Previous Next A wall installation that examines power struggles in the domestic environment from a gender perspective. 


Previous Next This work was part of the “Digging Digging” exhibition at Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv. “The Digging Digging project presents artistic positions that deal with transformations and deformations of landscapes and urban changes due to extraction and utilization of resources. The extraction of raw materials and the economic and environmental results that effect social […]

A Tribute
(Fundamental Attribution Error)

Previous Next The “A tribute” series is composed of portraits of women in clay, in the tradition of portraiture.The faces of the women photographed in the portraits are those of Edward Muybridge’s models. These were prostitutes, members of the lower classes, who were  models in his study of movement, whom he and others who see […]

A Greek Tragedy #2

Contemporary Ceramic Art - Greek Tragedy

Previous Next A  series of ware rich in form and decoration offers a complex dialogue between cultures and social stances. The ware, similar in shape and color to classical Greek ceramics, is composed of numerous and diverse parts slip cast in molds of everyday items taken from the artist’s domestic space. They represent a kind of […]