This work was presented at
Apter Barrer Arts Center Gallery, Maalot - Tarshiha | Solo exhibition.

Tracing A Tiger

Photography: Tal Bedrack

In her new solo exhibition, Efrat Eyal confronts questions of time versus space, manufacturers versus creativity, and freedom versus strict discipline. The exhibition offers us the gallery space as a territory within which questions about form and content take shape, all of which are related to processes of accumulated work and time. How spread out or narrow does a work need to be in order to be able to hold a wide and tall space? What is the relationship between ‘abstract’ work and work that offers an image Can a work be both bounded and spacious, both figurative and abstract?
Eyal approaches all of these questions equipped with a broad technical range. She does not limit herself to the conventions of the traditional making of ceramics, and moves freely between different techniques, materials, and approaches through which she develops her ideas. She began the current project with the decision to turn not to the large and massive, but to the small, broken, and partial, with the aim of giving a presence to all of these and creating a central place for the peripheral and neglected.
Moving through the thicket of the exhibition are three elusive tigers: their form is not entirely clear and they can be identified from a ‘safe’ distance. The image of the tiger was born from the overflowing boxes in which Eyal sorts fragments of earlier works and various attempts that did not form into a complete object. The tigers are the conceptual axis of the exhibition, which revolves around the concepts of ‘wild’ and ‘freedom.” The subtle crisscrossing signs spread on one of the walls, complement and contradict this freedom, like the bars of a cage that restrict movement. Eyal stimulates our perception until we notice the almost microscopic details: Reminiscent of spots and fur patterns of wild animals, cold and warm textures, colors flickering into each other, and fantastic architectures that stand out a few centimeters from the wall. Like a huntress stalking her prey, she invites us to use our full attention and senses to perceive the landscape hidden in the thicket of details.

Curator: Avshalom Suliman

Exhibition video: